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The Krayte will be the only food co-op on the south side of Chicago. Food co-ops are owned and operated by the people who shop there. When we invest in our communities, we help ensure our community thrives. 

For many years south side neighborhoods have experienced national food chains coming into our communities, get tax breaks, then close while taking access to food out of our neighborhoods leaving us food insecure. It's time we change that narrative by investing in ourselves.

We’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with local farmers which helps keep the costs down, small businesses who need support, and other non-profits serving the underserved. We are excited to offer specialty foods and cooking classes to diversify the culinary experience.

While the Krayte will be a grocery store, it will be important for us to be a more intimate entity within the surrounding community. Our responsibility will be advocacy, educational, health, while highlighting delicious foods.

Buying Milk
Family Buying Bread
Shopping Cart
Fruit Stand
Girl at the Grocery Shop
Fresh Produce
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